AAR Corp Submits Lowest Bid to NAC For A Brand New A332

December 26, 2016 – Kathmandu

AAR Corp, an aviation firm based in US has submitted the lowest bid for an Airbus A330-200 aircraft to Nepal Airlines (NAC) at just $104.8 million per jet. The list price of a brand new A332 as of the new prices from 2016 is $231.5m. This way, NAC is likely to get both new jets for the price of one.

Earlier in September, NAC had issued a global tender inviting bids for two wide-body A330-200 jet aircrafts. It had asked for planes that were used for a maximum of 1000 hours. According to NAC officials, the maximum price quoted was at $146 million. AAR Corp has also said that it was able to supply the first aircraft within April 2017.

AAR Corp is an American aviation support company that provides engineering, manufacturing and aftermarket support services to aerospace and aviation industries. According to Bizmandu, the brand new A332 is currently stored in the Airbus factory and was manufactured for Hi Fly, a charter airline company based in Portugal. As Hi Fly was currently in debt and couldn’t manage funds, AAR Corp had decided to recover the jet and sell it to Nepal Airlines.

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